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FrameGlide Software with Spin Browser Dial

"The Spin Browser [video explorer] is a big hit. It works consistently. It is very intuitive. It's easy to use. The experience is unique and compelling. ...."

Stephen Brand,
Spirit of Ford museum, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan

"My fortunate discovery of the TechnoFrolics technology-art design studio, just minutes away from the New England Aquarium, revealed that we are not just neighbors in geography but also in ideology. The goal of our Aquarium 2000 program has always been to change peoples' minds, "to create an aquarium that is tuned to the needs and the opportunities of the new millennium." TechnoFrolics does precisely that, building an extraordinary link between art and science, beauty and understanding. . . . [The Spin Browser video explorer] enables a distinctly personal approach for visitors, offering them a completely new way of experiencing an underwater habitat. The interactive format introduces visitors to aquatic life on an individual level. This allows each visitor to form his or her own compelling reasons to study and take an interest in our goals of learning about and protecting the world of water."

" [The system] makes visible things that even a diver cannot see while in the water. I can't imagine a better method than that offered by the Spin Browser to capture our audience's interest in learning about the importance of the world's water resources."

Jerry R. Schubel, Ph.D, President Emeritus,
New England Aquarium, Boston, Massachusetts

..."We had the challenge of staging a booth speaker's forum which we called "Ask the Expert" during the second largest medical trade show in the world, Digestive Disease Week."...

"The audience stood transfixed gazing at the screen as they were able to watch footage of actual medical cases speed before their eyes or hold in place so they could study them more closely."..."TechnoFrolics' crew was delightfully easy to work with and thoroughly knowledgeable not only about their product but about the world of IT in general."

..."At trade shows, it's imperative to catch someone's attention within a few seconds. The use of motion and pictures is an excellent method to be able to do this and the Spin Browser [video explorer] offers many applications for talks or even stations where an attendee could flip through a presentation on their own. We have discussed using the unit again, possibly at one of our national sales meetings where, over the course of several days, many people are giving a variety of talks."

Helen von Erck, Marketing/Trade Show Administrator,
ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH, Marietta, Georgia

"The time lapse construction footage is a big hit. Thanks for your help on that project."...."People usually explore the entire video, and it leaves them with an experience they remember because it gives a new perspective with which to view even the most ordinary of events. That's something they don't see every day."

Vicki Wilker, Exhibition Producer,
COSI, Columbus, Ohio

"The Spin Browser [video explorer's ease of use and unparalleled scrolling ability dramatically improved the quality of the doctors' live presentations on the exhibit floor."

Charles Read, Creative Director,
MJM Creative Services, Inc., New York, New York

"We were at the museum last week and unpacked [the] Spin Browser on Friday, plugged it in and it worked perfectly straight away and looks fantastic. Its the first time we've seen it and its a great piece of kit! Thanks again."

Paul Whittington, Head of Programming,
New Angle Multimedia, London, England

"Your Spin Browser worked without any problem for the full 4 years that the exhibit was on display."

Denise LeBlanc, Director of Learning Experiences,
The Discovery Museums, Acton, Massachusetts

"Longest running exhibit I have ever seen."

Duane Stanton,
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California

"The spin browser is a huge hit with the school groups."

Douglas Coler, Coordinator, In-House Education,
Discovery Place, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Our Frameglide [/ Spin Browser] system has continued to work flawlessly. Besides being popular with our guests, the keepers who care for the birds in the exhibit use it all of the time to check on behavior and welfare of the birds."

Chuck Kopczak PhD, Ecology Curator,
California Science Center

"I wanted to express my appreciation on having received your stuff and having it work right out of the box. This was a rare and welcome occurrence for me. Everything looks and works great"

Jim Sallee,
BBI Engineering Inc., San Francisco, California
[A/V Systems Integrator for custom three-screen (left, center, right) point-of-view train interactive that employed TF's FrameGlide software and Spin Browser dial internals.]

"Your spin browser was a big hit!"

Maribel Isabel Garcia, Curator,
The Mind Museum, Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

"Thanks! It's a great exhibit and a big hit with parents, grandparents and the kids!"

Kelly Krumenacker, President & Executive Director,
Bucks County Children's Museum, New Hope, Pennsylvania
[Commenting on a FrameGlide + Spin Browser system containing hot air balloon point-of-view footage, built into a balloon-basket themed environment created by the museum.]

"Great working with you as well. The submersible is a huge hit!!"

Tim Scott, Director of Exhibits,
Sciencecenter, Ithaca, New York

"We have had your Spin Browser since 2005 and it still works flawlessly to date!"

Dave Conley, VP Exhibits,
MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry), Tampa, Florida

"The kids love it!"

Mike Neufeld, Director of Exhibits,
Miami Children's museum, Florida

"The spin browser is one of the most popular elements in Whiteface Mountain: The Exhibit in the Adirondacks of New York State. The video, compiled of over 280,000 images of Whiteface, shows the mountain through an entire year of sunsets, storms and beautiful, blue sky days. It even shows the ice moving on Lake Placid through the winter. Visitors love the spin browser and when the weather is poor it gets more views than the actual view."

Tracey Legat, Communications/Project Manager,
The Wild Center, Wilmot, Ohio

"To say the spin browser is a hit is an understatement! The children (and adults) love it. It is in constant use."

Beverly Papai, Director,
Farmington Community Library, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"The visitors are having a great time with it."

Petrosains, Malaysia

Choreographed Iron Dust

In the Media

"Whatever your expectations, nothing can quite prepare you for the ticklish charm and wacky inventiveness of this performance piece. The iron clumps, with amazing anthropomorphic aplomb, begin to shiver, to plump up narcissistically, to swoon toward one another, to receive the computerized wind like gracefully moving wheat."

Mopsy Strange Kennedy,
Boston Globe Magazine, Boston, Massachusetts

"..damnedest thing you ever saw.."

Jack Thomas,
Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts

"Strange and wonderful"

Peter Henderson, CBS affiliate,
Boston, Massachusetts


Paula Childs, CBS affiliate,
Boston, Massachusetts

"The fountains of Bellagio pale in comparison"

Lawrence Faulkner, President,
Solid Terrain Modeling, Fillmore, California
(We think this may be too kind, but we are flattered. TechnoFrolics)

Fans By Phone

Comments From the Field

(A few guest book comments in response to public art installations.)

"A whole new world - very exciting."

"Very organic (almost eerie)."

"Never seen anything like it, AWESOME!"

"Very interesting and a bit sensual."

"They're so friendly."

"They seem alive, even though you know they're not..."

"Discipline and playfulness evident. Thanks."

"Lots of fun."

"We loved it!"

Choreographed Fabric Banners

"Thank you for the great job helping us welcome and "wow" our clients. The Giga Dancing Banners you created were exactly the type of theatrical element we like to have at our events. The banners were artistic and elegant, presented the cutting-edge high tech image that is essential for us to convey, and perhaps most importantly, were simply fun! My wife and son enjoyed them just as much as I and our IT professional conference attendees.

Even in the middle of Las Vegas, where flashy multi-million dollar displays are the norm, the banners immediately grabbed the attention of all who passed by and made the Giga name "stand above the crowd". Thank you again for helping to make our event such a success."

Dan Mahoney, Senior Vice President,
Research Giga Information Group, Santa Clara, California

"I want to express my delight at the success of TechnoFrolics' Dancing Banners [artwork] within the pavilion we recently designed for our largest client, and the biggest Internet Service Provider in Cyprus, CYTA. As you know, our clients here in Cyprus depend on The Camassa Touch to design for them the most exciting displays using the latest technologies from around the world. Your choreographed fabric Dancing Banners were perfect in this regard. They allowed us to create a display that was high-tech, dramatic, visually arresting and unique, and appealed to audiences of all ages and interests. Even in the midst of a large outdoor exhibition with many competing attractions, the Dancing Banners were show-stoppers. Their exuberant performances halted people in their tracks, drew them into our client's tent, and left a lasting impression - exactly as we had hoped and planned!

Thank you for your creativity and round-the-clock efforts to meet our deadline. We very much look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Robert Camassa,
The Camassa Touch, LTD, Nicosia, Cyprus

"The Dancing Banners in the tent where we held the Simmons Hall dedication were just gorgeous! The colors were perfect for our theme and clearly created the appropriate environment for this event. Having the banners made deciding on the remaining décor both easy and fun!

I also appreciated your constant attention to the details and to our budget. Your personal commitment throughout the set-up of the events was also very valuable. Your constant oversight clearly contributed to how well these were ultimately orchestrated."

Gayle M. Gallagher, Director, Conference Services, Events and Information Center,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Power Distribution Exhibit

After reviewing TechnoFrolics' Power Distribution exhibit design, the nationally-acclaimed museum master planning and design firm Hands On!, had this to say....

"...Because of its complexity and potential danger, electricity is one of the most difficult subjects to make intuitive and accessible for everyday visitors in a hands-on setting. The "failure rate" for most electricity-based exhibits (i.e., the rate at which people get frustrated, believe the exhibit is broken, or feel incompetent with technology) is extremely high and, consequently, counter-productive to the idea of science centers as places where people go to learn and feel more empowered to participate in science.

The PDE, on the other hand, helps the visitor draw an immediate correlation between energy and work (particularly as it relates to everyday objects and activities-imperative for helping people make connections between science and their lives), understand concepts such as energy transfer and resistance, and create simple circuit pathways safely and easily. Even more important, the PDE combines science with creativity and multi-sensory experiences for the visitor, inviting them not just to push a button or flip a switch, but to think creatively about different pathway arrangements and kinetic combinations. By lifting the science of electricity out of the textbook phenomenon realm and elevating it to a creative, open-ended experience of many possibilities, the exhibit gives the visitor the opportunity to discover that science isn't just a class-it's a tool that anyone can use to bring an idea to life. As exhibit designers, that is our single most important goal."


"Keep those great ideas coming!

Sharon L. Rupe
Exhibition Content Developer"

Speaking Engagements

MIT Media Lab: Affectionate technology

"[David's talk] attracted one of the largest crowds we have ever had at our colloquia. . . .I have never heard so many positive remarks afterward -- remarks from students and staff such as "That was the greatest talk we've ever had." See full quote...

Rosalind W. Picard, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

New England Biolabs: Art, technology, education, and feminism

"Exciting, dynamic.... The perfect marriage of both sides of the brain. [David is] clearly an expert scientist who has a handle on how to deal with emotions in a scientific environment. His presentations are perfect for classrooms and larger settings, scientific and non-scientific as well."

Barton Slatko, Director DNA Sequencing Group at New England Biolabs and Science Educator,
New England Biolabs, Beverly, Massachusetts

Harvard GSD: Virtual and dynamic environments in architecture

"David is brilliant in terms of uniting broad concepts of new technologies and the public's misapprehension of their uses. He combines an unusual strain of wit with great passion to communicate his powerful and rare vision -- that of technology being used to improve human relations. He is an artist with a comic sense and a great understanding of the future of society and technology."

Kenneth Kaplan, Assistant Professor of Architecture,
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts

International Sculpture Conference: Art & Technology

"I have had the pleasure of hearing David's presentations on several occasions.  He is a lively and intelligent speaker, brimming with energy and enthusiasm.  His non-stop style covers everything from complex technical information to his unique philosophy and observations about art and technology in general.  He is wonderful to watch perform!"

Rob Fisher, Sculptor,
International Sculpture Conference

Greater Boston Home and Interior Design Show: Art & Design

"As a teacher of design and a professional designer, I found David's ability to stimulate creative thinking in his audience unique. He communicates excitement about creativity in a way that makes people enjoy the process and he expands the creative vision of everyone in the audience, whether they have a professional interest in design or not."

Beverly Payeff, Interior Designer, Beverly Payeff Studios, Inc.,
Greater Boston Home and Interior Design Show

NBBJ Architects: Architecturally integrated high-tech art

"[David's presentations] take us to a place where we no longer tend to visit as adults: where things still have child-like wonder. His ability to speak about advanced technology and convey this sense of wonder is very unusual. He takes delight in life and art that one responds to at a very fundamental level."

John Savo, Senior Associate,
NBBJ Architects, Columbus, Ohio

Collaborative Exhibit Development

"David's incredible sense of the unique interactive potential between art and science was a perfect match with the atmosphere of inventiveness and excitement that we were trying to convey to the visitor." (in connection with the National Inventors Hall of Fame project) See more...

Hands On!, Inc.
A Science and Children's Museum Master Planning Group
commenting on TechnoFrolics' contributions to their design work

Corporate Advertising

"I have had the pleasure of including a TechnoFrolics interactive Dancing Ford Logo…as part of our high-tech auto show presentation. The exhibit proved to be a great success."

Ernie Beckman, Ford division display and exhibit manager,
Detroit, Michigan