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Sample Projects

This page provides several examples of TechnoFrolics' work.

Interactive Electric Power Grid: New York Hall of Science:

As part of the New York Hall of Science Connections exhibition, TechnoFrolics contributed an Interactive Electric Power Grid that simulates the conditions which caused the August 2003 power outage, leaving U.S. regions from Detroit to New York, and parts of Eastern Canada, in the dark.New York Hall of Science power grid

The Power Grid helps museum visitors understand how electrical power is routed from generating station to final loads, allowing them to explore the effect of downed transmission lines on such a system.

TechnoFrolics developed a set of microprocessor-controlled modules that show the flow of current through the network of transmission lines.

Current flow is visually represented by a line of RGB LEDs. The pattern and speed of LED illumination shows the direction and magnitude of the current. Green, yellow and red colors represent OK, warning and overload states.

Interrupted Laser Beams and Virtual Physics:
Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana, California

A "Skater Challenge" allows experiencing what it is like to be on ice. A stream of interrupted laser beam pulses, cause by a visitor's feet moving in a skating motion, are input to a TechnoFrolics-developed real time physics engine. The simulation models momentum, friction, and foot-generated energy pulses, outputting a realistic temporal stream to a point-of-view video following a professional hockey player.

Interactive Exploration of University Campuses, Faculty & Travel Abroad: Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Tufts University Spin BrowsreUsers explore imagery and video content ranging from researchers in the Antarctic to helicopter point-of-view fly-overs of university campuses to student and faculty profiles in which morphing faces and morphing text quotes create liquid visual segues. Exhibit content is displayed on a 40" LCD screen, and interactively controlled using TechnoFrolics' FrameGlide software and Spin Brower dial interface.

Design and production of exhibit content was performed by TechnoFrolics using source materials provided by the university.

For Hands On!, Inc.

Provided a written document detailing interactive, fun, high-tech exhibit possibilities for a new museum focused on appreciation of rock and roll music and its surrounding culture.