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Science and engineering form the core, artistry and emotion the spirit, of TechnoFrolics' creations.

Our work for museums, aquariums, zoos, and other educational organizations include interactive exhibits, investigative tools, and kinetic science/art.

Our investigative tools promote the open-ended exploration of science concepts, natural environments and industrial processes.

Early Morning...
choreographed iron dust magnetism exhibit
The museum opens.
Choreographed Iron Dust magnetism exhibit

Our kinetic science/artworks captivate audiences with visually riveting performances composed of science at play.

These creations appeal to audiences on many levels - as platforms for play, as educational experiences, and as engaging performance artworks.

We offer "off-the-shelf" exhibits, as well as creating custom versions of our standard exhibits to fit specific environments and budgets. We also work one-on-one with clients to develop new exhibits and educational tools.

Our services range from idea generation to exhibit design, prototyping and production.

TechnoFrolics' works are known for engagingly incorporating and demonstrating concepts across diverse areas. A few examples include: physics, music, and magnetism.