Skills & Services

Core Competencies

Art and Science Synergies

Ability to brainstorm quickly, creatively, and realistically about the application of new technologies to create visually riveting and playful exhibits for museums, trade shows, retail environments, and special events.

Design and Construction

Ability to fabricate unique and creative cutting-edge exhibits and product prototypes. Specific skills include:

Exhibit Ruggedization

Experience designing the types of displays described above to withstand the elements (rain, snow, and sun), repeated rough handling by audiences, regular set-up/take-down, and shipping.

Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Creation

Experience shooting and post-production of video, still photography, and website creation.

We are particularly skilled in content production for TechnoFrolics' Spin Browser VE, due to our intimate understanding of the medium. Additionally, we have much affordable stock content in house, specifically acquired for its unique suitability to that technology.


Experience designing and writing diverse client proposals, the occasional government grant, provisional and full utility patents, marketing materials, and technical service manuals for complex electromechanical devices.

Lecturing and Workshops

Experience delivering dynamic, entertaining, and thought-provoking lectures and workshops, to diverse academic and corporate audiences, on the beneficial mergers of science and art as applied to education, advertising, entertainment, and society.