Power Distribution Interactive Exhibit

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Technical Product Description

Using an industrial DC generator and rugged handle, visitors generate power to control various "stations". These stations can either be clustered for maximum compactness, or distributed throughout a huge space for the dramatic impact of 'action at a distance'.

Visitors can easily feel the changing drag on the handle based upon their choice of station/load. Optional: Each motor may be equipped with a voltmeter and ammeter to allow users to see the direction and flow of current generated by their cranking activities and choice of station (and thus electrical load).

Certain designs allow the user to connect their generator to their choice of station through an ultra rugged "patch panel". Since the DC generators are in fact simply DC motors, two generators may be connected together, allowing two visitors to crank together or against each other, where by working together they can generate more power, or working against each other, generate none usable. And, if connected in parallel, whichever generator handle is turned will cause the other generator/motor handle to turn by itself. This feels very cool for both users. (Care must be taken in design however to avoid the cranking by one visitor surprising another with a suddenly-moving crank handle applied to the chin...) Please contact TechnoFrolics with any questions or requirements not addressed on this page.