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Here are just a few examples of FG | SB progress bars, demonstrating simple, elegant ways of informing users of their context/location in an exhibit, dispensing with the need for buttons to 'jump' from one location to another. These visual indicators work seamlessly in combination with the user's ability to advance swiftly and stop instantly, all using the dial.

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In the following exhibit, the highlighted caption at the bottom of the display identifies the current exhibit segment. At the same time, the triangular progress indicator above the caption moves as the user turns the dial, providing immediate feedback and showing the exact current location within the segment.

A 16 hour journey along lake Champlain is mirrored on the map to the right of the display, with the boat icon traveling in sync with the actual boat's journey.

In the live capture mode for the same exhibit, an alternate simple, elegant progress bar indicates the user's location within the live captured segment.

The following three images show a chapter/progress bar informing the user of both available content and current location.

Some Additional Examples