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New York Hall of Science - Connections

SOMERVILLE, MA., October 20, 2004 - Extending applications for the Spin Browser explorer within science museums, aquariums, and medical conferences, the technology is for the first time being used to present the diverse offerings of a major international educational and research institution. Also a first for the Spin Browser technology is the seamless integration of high resolution stills and conventional video within a single interactive installation.

The Spin Browser video explorer was chosen for its highly engaging user experience, and unparalleled fluidity and image quality at speeds from stop frame to 1,000,000 times the normal rate, even when interactively perusing high definition (1280x768) content.

Shown on a 40" LCD screen, images range from researchers in the Antarctic to helicopter point-of-view fly-overs of university campuses to student and faculty profiles in which morphing faces and morphing text quotes create liquid visual segues. Design and production of Spin Browser content was performed by TechnoFrolics using source materials provided by the university.

Located in TIAA-CREF's Corporate Headquarters lobby (730 Third Avenue - at Third and 45th St.), the Tufts University display will remain in NYC until early November, following which the Spin Browser video explorer will return to Massachusetts for local installation. An article in Tufts Magazine about the project is available online.