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Boston Museum of Science- Beyond the X-Ray

SOMERVILLE, MA., June 27, 2005 - TechnoFrolics' unique Spin Browser technology was utilized for a "Body Imaging" exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. The exhibit is designed to demonstrate dramatically how far medical imaging technologies have come since the discovery of the X-ray.

The Spin Browser video explorer contains high-definition footage of actual body imaging data from CT scans. Nothing was animated or simulated. Using the dial, the viewer can control the speed while racing or crawling through several different three-dimensional terrains of the body, including the ear canal, the carotid artery, and the colon.

TechnoFrolics worked in collaboration with museum staff, the Filament Design Studio of Reading MA, and Mystic Scenic of Norwood MA, with medical image data being donated by doctors and medical imaging companies.