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Boston Children's Museum- access/Ability - HandCycle

SOMERVILLE, MA., Feb 21, 2005 - In the summer of 2004, the Boston Children's Museum launched an interactive touring exhibit called access/Ability, its purpose being to dispel myths about disabilities and give children, parents, and educators a chance to walk around in someone else's shoes for an afternoon. Perspectives are challenged, motor skills thwarted, conventions upended, all to demonstrate that as human beings we are more alike than different.

TechnoFrolics' contribution, in conjunction with Mystic Scenic Studios, is a HandCycle, incorporating TechnoFrolics' trademark Spin Browser technology to enable visitors to "pedal" through a Nevada state park. At their own pace the cyclers can speed or coast along a winding two-lane road through a sundrenched desert strewn with sagebrush and sandstone. In this way, even those physically unable to operate a standard bicycle can experience the exhilaration of hurling past jagged bluffs and distant hills, even bursts of unexpected wildlife, all under a majestic desert sky.

access/Ability will be on display at the following museums:


Feb - May 3 2005
May 26 - Sept 8 2005
Oct 30 - Jan 12 2006
Feb 2 - May 14 2006
June 1 - Sept 12 2006
Oct 4 - Jan 14 2007
Feb 2 - May 6 2007
June 12 - Sept 16 2007
Canadian Children's Museum, Ottawa
Brooklyn Children's Museum
Children's Museum of Memphis
Houston Children's Museum
Fort Worth Museum of Science & History
Lied Discovery Museum, Las Vegas
Bay Area Discovery Museum
Minnesota Children's Museum

The exhibit will return to its home at the Boston Children's Museum in the fall of 2007.

Mystic Scenic Studios provided the mechanical design for the HandCycle. Stacia Pathiakis, Senior Project Manager from the Exhibitions Department at the Children's Museum, praised the exhibit as "truly a hit."