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FrameGlide Software with Spin Browser Dial bare laptop demoPacking List

Setup is easy and should take less than 10 minutes.

  1. The FrameGlide | Spin Browser (FG|SB) video explorer demonstrates itself live and interactively, with cool content ranging from a dove in flight to a point-of-view roller coaster ride.
  2. Open the shipping case. [If your case employs a lock (only certain designs do), we will email you the combination.]
  3. Take the laptop out of its soft carrying case and place it and the Spin Browser dome user interface on a nice flat surface.
  4. Take the rectangular black AC adapter from the laptop carrying case, and plug it into a standard AC wall outlet on one end, and into the rear of the laptop on the other. (Plug designs will make obvious which end is which.)
  5. To prevent static discharges to the dial interface (created, for example, by carpets and dry weather) from causing USB port disconnection and/or permanent hardware damage, we recommend that you:
    • Ground the domed interface using the provided green-ground-wire-only cable, with round connector on one end and standard wall plug on the other. The cable is located in the laptop's carrying case. Simply plug one end into a standard wall outlet, and the other into the small round mating receptacle on the rear of the domed user interface. (Plug designs will make obvious which end is which.)
    • Plug the domed interface into the laptop's USB port. You should hear audible "chimes" when the USB device is recognized.

    For quick demonstrations in uncarpeted areas, an ungrounded domed user interface will suffice, but for anything else we strongly recommend the "ruggedized" setup described above. Otherwise, one significant user-generated spark could cause the dial interface to cease functioning until the laptop is rebooted. (Sometimes unplugging the user interface, counting to 5, and replugging in will reset things, but other times not... Also, if a sufficiently large static discharge is applied to an ungrounded dome, it can permanently damage the computer's USB port and/or dome electronics.)

  6. If the system will be left set up in an area where there is a security risk, please lock the laptop to a secure building component (a pipe for example) using the included laptop cable lock (normally located in the laptop's soft carrying case). If your case does not have a cable lock, then please do not leave the system set up unattended in an insecure area.
  7. Press the laptop's power button and, once the computer has booted (up to 1 minute), we normally recommend starting with the Fish-to-Physics demo by double-clicking the appropriate desktop icon. To exit the application, type ESC.
    Demo units typically also include most or all of the samplers below:
    - "Generic" HD demo.
    - Art & Architecture (mostly from stills).
    - NASCAR race snip.
    - Point-of-view river tour small snip.
    - Museum medical content.
    - Dragonfly nanoscale zoom into wing, using scanning electron microscope.
    - Bose ElectroForce Systems Group corporate trade show presentation/attraction.
    - Agriculture: Corn — from seedling to jelly bean, created by the Iona Group, Morton IL USA. Also includes snips of nature content provided by TechnoFrolics.
  8. Grab the dial and take a spin! And once the system is up and running, please invite everyone over to explore and enjoy.
  9. If you have questions when setting up, packing up, or in between, do not hesitate to contact us. We also encourage you to check out our Spin Browser PDF whitepaper, which includes installation photos and quotes from diverse clients attesting to our system's ruggedness, educational value, and fun!