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Free Demo Visit

What is the Touring FG|SB System?

It's a demo version of TechnoFrolics' FG|SB technology, available for free visits to qualified organizations. We have sent the FG|SB system on the road because we believe this technology is its own best spokesperson. We find that five minutes of a hands-on experience communicates more than any number of descriptions or images.

"The Spin Browser [demo] has been great fun for our office. ... I also brought it home for my 6 yr old son to try out! He loved it!"

Brian Burgess, Lex Parker Design Consultants, St. Catherines, Ontario

“I made the ‘mistake’ of setting up your Spin Browser demo just outside my office. Due to its popularity, there was a constant flow of people coming by to play and chat - it made my getting any work done a nightmare! Seriously though, thanks much for sending the demo - it has been invaluable in helping our group brainstorm about potential applications to our projects.”

Steve Bergeron, Director of Production, Aspen Marketing Services

"It's fun. It works. I love it. Very elegant."

Don Weinreich, Polshek Partnership Architects, New York City, New York

Please note that this touring unit is a product in its own right - with diverse applications.

The next best thing (but a far 2nd...) to experiencing the FG|SB live is to view our overview video, which includes a demonstration of the technology.

Booking a FG|SB Visit

We send the FG|SB system on the road to:

If your organization or role lends itself to any of the above, we would love to discuss a possible FG|SB system visit with you.

Email: david (at) technofrolics (dot) com

Phone: (617) 441-8870

Demo Unit Setup Instructions

Spin Browser Demo Unit Setup is easy and takes just a few minutes. Directions for differing styles are below - select your model:

Laptop with USB Dome Dial

This is the typical preferred demo unit, containing blue dome user interface and pre-configured laptop.

USB Drive and Dome Dial (Client provides computer)

This demo unit requires that you have a computer running Windows 7 or later.

It is best chosen either if with-laptop versions have a backlogged itinerary, or you wish to keep the demo for a more extended period of time.

Instructions guide you in simply and easily installing the demo on your system utilizing the included USB drive.


Live Camera Capture Setups


If the Touring FG|SB System Has Visited You

Please share your comments, questions and suggestions with us. If you request a response, we'll get back to you as soon as possible - by email, phone or fax, as you prefer.

You can send email to david (at) technofrolics (dot) com or call us at 617-441-8870.

Design firms interested in pitching the FG|SB system to clients can arrange to borrow the touring unit again, free of charge. Ditto for museums wishing to display demo at their board meeting, show to a potential funder, etc.