FrameGlide Software with Spin Browser Dial

TechnoFrolics FrameGlide video explorer with Spin Browser dial high (FG|SB) speed capture installation at the Kirby Science Discovery Center, Sioux Falls, SD.

Case Design Notes

(Last updated May 2, 2012.)


  1. The design shown in the picture below and discussed, is for a live high speed capture FG|SB installation - 207fps at 640x480, color - whereby visitors perform their own physics experiments and can then immediately review them in ultra-slow motion.

  2. The exhibit, in terms of visitor interface, graphics, casework, and overall layout, was designed for the Kirby Science Discovery Center by Jeff Kennedy Associates, with modifications and fabrication provided by Lynch Exhibits, and core technical functionality provided by TechnoFrolics.

  3. This web page was assembled in order to assist others in designing and fabricating similar, or base-upon, casework and graphics.

  4. The Kirby Science Discovery Center owns the external design. To receive access to on-screen, and physical panel*, user interface graphics in source file form, casework CAD drawing**, and additional documentation photographs, please contact TechnoFrolics to negotiate a license. (Note that these license fees are forwarded directly to Kirby - TechnoFrolics is merely acting as a facilitator/coordinator, helping clients install, in a simple manner, one incarnation of its FG|SB technology.)

    * The wall panel graphic, unrelated directly to the user interface, contains high speed photos that are not part of the normal licensing arrangement, as they are owned by 3rd parties.
    ** The CAD drawing, while close to the final installed version, is not identical, as camera mount, lighting, and wall height were modified during fabrication.



  1. Either DC (e.g., ultra-high brightness LEDs), or high-frequency AC (e.g., fluorescent bulbs with special high frequency ballasts), is required to avoid flicker when using high speed cameras.
    The tradeoff between these two options is easier mounting and easier protection from visitor hands with the LEDs, but where fluorescents more readily provide higher light intensity.

  2. Lots of light is needed. At 207 fps, with an exposure of 1/2000 second (a reasonable value), one needs (1/30)/(1/2000) = 67 times the amount of light a normal video camera requires.

  3. A fluorescent option:
    1. A four bulb, 2 foot long, New Wave® T5 HO Fluorescent fixture, made by Sunlight Supply Company, product ID 960203, available from eLights.
    2. The 60Hz ballast that comes with the above must be replaced. We recommend using two ADVANCE brand ballasts, model ICN2S24T, each operating at above 42 KHz, available from Grainger. (This ballast model is auto-switching between 120/230VAC.
  4. DC high brightness LED option #1:
    1. EarthLED has 450 Lumen, 45 degree beam angle, 6.5W 12V LumiSelect MR-16 PRO, 5000K version LED Light Bulbs. Several of these can provide a great deal of cool, focused light.
    2. LED Bulb Power Supplies
      1. We strongly recommend against using constant voltage supplies to drive MR16 and larger LED bulbs. This is both for bulb longevity and safety of the surrounding environment. Instead we recommend using constant current supplies.
      2. LED bulbs, in general, run the risk of what is called Thermal Runaway if driven off a constant voltage, vs. constant current, supply. (Good articles discussing this and other issues may be found here and here.) This problem is compounded by the fact that the transition point to Thermal Runaway with constant voltage supply is a function of ambient temperature. In other words, testing that the bulb functions reliably/safely with a constant voltage supply at one ambient temperature does not mean it will necessarily function so at a higher ambient...
      3. We recommend the following constant current supply: RECOM RACD12-350, available here.

  5. DC high brightness LED option #2: (For a variety of technical reasons, we do not have the same concern about the self-heating Thermal Runaway issue as discussed above in connection the much larger LumiSelect MR-16 bulbs.)
    1. For information regarding DC LED items from International Light see this document. (This is what is used in the Kirby installation discussed below. It provides an excellent solution when flat panel, relatively diffuse lights are desired.)
    2. Model info:
      1. ILV12-12-W7/W8 - White, LED module, 3000K/4000K color temperature (warm/neutral white light), high output LEDs, 3 inch (76 mm) x 12 inch (305mm) x 0.5 (13 mm) inch thick. (Call International Light to confirm the current model number for the high output version.)
      2. GTL-LT-25B - LED driver, able to power up to three, 12 inch (305mm) units.
      3. GTL-LT-60B - LED driver, able to power up to seven 12 inch (305mm) units.
      4. GTL-LT-100B - LED driver, able to power up to eleven 12 inch (305mm) units.
    3. Please contact David at TechnoFrolics or Pete (978-818-6180 x130) at International Light for more information. (Pete will custom assemble the appropriate elements upon request.)



David Durlach, TechnoFrolics


Kirby Science Discovery Center

Near Duplicate for Oklahoma Museum Network, Shop Photo, Front View Photo of Oklahoma version, front

Near Duplicate for Oklahoma Museum Network, Shop Photo, Side View Photo of Oklahoma version, side