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Audio-Visual Hardware

FG|SB systems take many forms, from portable laptop-based units to large-scale, multi-monitor, multi-computer installations. You can:

For basic FG|SB systems, typically the most cost effective solution is for you to purchase the hardware directly, assisted by us. For complex/customized systems, we recommend TechnoFrolics purchase the hardware and have it come to our location for integration, configuration, and testing.


Most new Windows computers these days will support a basic FG|SB configuration. The best choice depends on specific exhibit/system priorities. See more...


Virtually any monitor or projector may be used with the FG|SB system, where essentially the same considerations apply as with any exhibit. For best visual impact, we recommend not going smaller than 27". See more..

Cameras for 'Live' Systems

Live capture FrameGlide / Spin Browser exhibits enable visitors to explore wide ranging phenomena (including themselves!) in real time. For camera types, and other input sources, currently supported by the FrameGlide / Spin Browser system see here.