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FrameGlide Medley #2 | Agri++

Agricultural processes (from planting to production) plus diverse nature content for use with the FrameGlide + Spin Browser technology.

Production Length & Dimensions

52 minutes, 640 x 480, over 50 clips

On This Page

The Images You See

Are excerpted from FrameGlide Medley #2 | Agri++ to provide a visual overview of the range of content.

Mini-Movie Version

To view a full-length (with miniature dimensions) Quicktime demo:

  1. Save the movie to your computer (a bit over 1.5 GB file - please be patient - it takes awhile to download):

  2. Rename:
    frameglide-spin-browser-medley-2-demo.quicktime to
  3. Explore the content in any media player that supports MOV files. To get a rough feel for interacting with the content (as you will, only much more smoothly and engagingly, using the FG|SB environment!) we recommend using the scroll bar, rather than playing back the content in realtime.