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The FrameGlide + Spin Browser system can readily accommodate unique productions - any content rendered to the proper format* will work. Videos may be tightly "produced" pieces just a few minutes long, or "raw" science/nature recordings many tens of hours in length.

We provide technical guidelines here regarding the design and production of content.

Should you wish to produce a custom piece, we would be delighted to help. Our contribution can range from sharing our expertise with your pre-selected video producer**, to creating complete customs works ourselves, and everything in-between.

In addition, we have a growing library of content specifically assembled for FG|SB exploration. Much is available at a fraction of standard industry rates through special arrangements with past clients and producers. (For the lowest-cost access to this diverse, engaging content, please visit our Ready-to-Go Medley area.)

Sources for custom content may be "raw" imagery and video provided by you, content from our specialized library, content from 3rd party providers, and mixtures thereof.

Our in-house production tools include the Adobe Master Collection suite, a variety of "prosumer" and industrial video and still cameras, and lighting appropriate for use with high-speed video cameras.

The best way to determine if there is a good fit with your particular project is to give us a call.

* Quicktime PhotoJPEG.

** We enjoy long term relationships with a number of production colleagues, where we supply our FG|SB software and hardware, and they produce the content. Thus, should the reader be a video producer, note that we are delighted to play the role of collaborator and supporter.