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Attract Mode: Play Back a QuickTime Movie

When not in use, the exhibit can simply play back a Quicktime movie. When a visitor turns the dial, the user is in interactive exploration mode.

Create a correctly formatted movie and copy onto the exhibit computer. We recommend placing it in TechnoFrolics\Movies. Use the following steps to configure attract mode.

Configure Attract Mode to Play a Movie

  1. To display FrameGlide Preferences, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard while double-clicking the FrameGlide icon on the Windows desktop.
  2. On the Attract Mode tab, select "Enter attract mode..." To the right, for the period of inactivity, enter a timeout-to-attract-mode duration (typically about 20 seconds).
  3. Select "Play a QuickTime Movie" and browse to and select the movie you created.