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FrameGlide Content Pre-Produced

Pre-produced content may be created or acquired by you, provided by TechnoFrolics, or produced jointly by TechnoFrolics staff and you. We collaborate, as requested, in any phase of content acquisition and production. We have over 20 years' experience developing content specifically for our system.

If you have your final video ready, you just need to ensure it is in the appropriate Quicktime movie format, an easy process for an experienced video editor. Alternatively, we can do this conversion for you.

Ready-to-Go Compilations

We offer video compilations specifically designed for exploration using the FrameGlide + Spin Browser technology - and available at a fraction of the cost of custom assembling content. See more...

Custom Content (overview)

The FrameGlide | Spin Browser system can readily accommodate unique productions - any content rendered to the proper format will work. See more...

Sample Productions

Past productions encompass a wide range of subject matter, complexity, and cost. A few production descriptions are provided here.

Content Guidelines (production details)

Content guidelines apply to producing, or assessing, acquiring and prepping, video content for FrameGlide systems. See more...