FrameGlide Software with Spin Browser Dial explore at the speed of your imagination

What People First Expect

Often, something like a standard touchscreen or conventional web-style video player.

What People Actually Experience

Delight and deep engagement. Using the FrameGlide | Spin Browser (FG|SB) is more like exploring the night sky through a telescope, or snorkeling along a coral reef, than using a conventional video display. It has that level of magic.

"This is definitely one of the favorite exhibits here ..."

Brian Wilson,
Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design,
Garden of the Gods Nature Center

What the FG|SB Offers

A way to explore video/digital content, from 2 minutes to 20 hours (years in timelapse), 1 millimeter to 1000 miles, interactively, at any speed, with crystal clarity and instant responsiveness.

"[...] so fun and intriguing to have such a broad range of control over what and how fast [...]."

Colleen Pollard,
Lexington Exhibits

What the FG|SB Is

A software application, coupled with a hardware interface, usable on any standard Windows-based PC.

A system with applications across diverse areas, from entertainment to art, education to research and presentations.

"The Spin Browser's ease of use and unparalleled scrolling ability dramatically improved the quality of the doctors' live presentations on the exhibit floor."

Charles Read, Creative Director,
MJM Creative Services, NYC

What You Can Do

The customizable FrameGlide environment offers a rich set of options behind the scenes. Just a few examples include:

...[The system] makes visible things that even a diver cannot see while in the water...

...I can't imagine a better method than that offered by the Spin Browser to capture our audience's interest in learning about the importance of the world's water resources."

Jerry R. Schubel, Ph.D,
President Emeritus,
New England Aquarium,
Boston, Massachusetts

What More You Can Do

"The Spin Browser is great!"

Jan Brzeski,
Science Communication Specialist,
Copernicus Science Centre, Poland

"Longest running exhibit I have ever seen."

Duane Stanton,
Aquarium of the Pacific,

Request A Visit!

We ship travelling demo units for free to appropriate, interested organizations. The experience is low-key, fun and simple. We UPS a unit to you, then arrange shipping to its next destination.

See demo details here.

"The spin browser is a huge hit with the schools!"

Douglas Coler,
Coordinator In-House Education,
Discovery Place, NC

"To say the spin browser is a hit is an understatement! The children (and adults) love it. It is in constant use."

Beverly Papai, Director
Farmington Community Library