Animated Fabric Banners

Technical Details

The Dancing Banners system is comprised of a Lycra/Spandex fabric stretched over a custom "backbone" lattice. The elastic fabric enables the banners' striking sensual motions. The internal lattice prevents the banners from folding up on themselves during high speed, high torque motions.

The banners are controlled by long-life brushless computer-controlled servo motors on one end. The second end in some instances is designed to hang free, and in others are attached to industrial grade computer-controlled brakes. A rich choreography language allows the creation of complex silent motion sequences and exuberant dances set to music.

Banner material is typically treated to be fire retardant as per the NFPA 701 specification.

Additional options include:

Twirling Banners Artwork
Technical Details

The core Twirling Banners system is composed of a white banner with an internal "backbone" lattice, a drive motor with mounting plate for ceiling installation, and all connective hardware.

The backbone lattice, combined with a visually unobtrusive aluminum pole running inside the fabric the length of the banner, holds the banners' "twist".

You can manually adjust the degree of twist to create the exact appearance you want.

The Twirling Banners display is animated by a motor at one end, whose choreography can be independent and free-running, or synchronized across banners.