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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

CAMBRIDGE, MA., November, 2002 - TechnoFrolics' kinetic artworks, interactive exhibits and custom mobiles played an instrumental role at the dedication ceremonies for the new Albert and Barrie Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Simmons Hall Dormitory.

Situated within a large darkened tent located on MIT's Briggs Athletic Field, a troupe of Dancing Banners artwork performed for arriving visitors including MIT President Charles M. Vest, donors Richard and Dorothy Simmons, architects Steven Holl and Timothy Bade, and other dignitaries. Spotlights cast upon the colored banners, created a secondary dance of shadows throughout the inside of the tent.

Multiple interactive Spin Browser video explorers with plasma screens installed near the squash courts and within the weight rooms enabled visitors to explore the new facility's athletic activities and offerings. Content ranged from high-speed videos of divers, to a point-of-view walkthrough tour of the new facility.