Choreographed Fabric Banners

TechnoFrolics' animated, award-winning banners are a fluid, vibrant medium, forming the fabric for diverse displays in artistic, educational, and commercial settings.

Video showing the dancing banners in motion is included our 1.5 minute TechnoFrolics overview video.

High performance servo motors, combined with an extensive choreography environment, enable rich and complex performances — in silence, in accompaniment to a narrative, or dancing to music.

From free-standing models to large ceiling-hung units, the elegant, graceful fabric banners can be flexibly scaled and configured to fit virtually any context.

In Arts, Entertainment,
and Education

In performance the computer-controlled Dancing Banners elements become flowing swirls of hue and pattern, moving with lifelike grace in silent dances or to music.

When still, the banners pose like dancers frozen in mid-step. When partnered or combined in groups of three or more, the banners perform in beautifully choreographed arrangements as couples or a troupe.

Within science museums and other educational contexts, banner installations can be designed to illuminate the principles of wave motion. Within concert settings, the banners can be used as a striking, unforgettable stage element.

The flexible, configurable nature of the system supports its use in diverse contexts. Concepts include:

As Signage, Traffic-Builder, and Advertising Medium

Banner fabric can be custom printed with any text and graphics, functioning as a dramatic, memorable method to promote, advertise, alert, and acknowledge. The banners' unexpectedly lifelike and graceful motions stand out in even the busiest and most distracting environments.

Example applications include:

Twirling Banners Performance Fabric

Twirling Banners displays are designed for more modest budget projects. They differ from the Dancing Banner technology in that they:

This is made possible because the Twirling Banners elements:

Note: See the article about us in Signs of the Times Magazine.