Custom Work


Our skills, facilities, and experience make us excellent candidates for custom projects that require a combination of electronics, software development, mechanical design, and creativity.

FrameGlide + Spin Browser Customizations

A particular specialty of ours is the collaborative development of custom exhibits based on TechnoFrolics FrameGlide software environment.

The FrameGlide environment enables interactive explorations of any video-based content, using diverse custom interfaces, data filtering, and themed environments.

A couple of examples:

See more about the FrameGlide software environment.

Our Approach

For an overview of our recommended work process, please see How We Work With Museums. (While this paper is targeted towards museums, the general stages described apply equally well to any exhibit/product prototyping and production process.) Depending on the project, services may include software and hardware development, machining of mechanical assemblies, documentation, and field-testing of prototype units.

Please contact TechnoFrolics' director David Durlach to discuss consulting, commissioned techno-artworks, and collaborative projects.