The TechnoFrolics Attic (And Cellar)

Here you'll find everything from occasional "garage sales" to specials on exhibits to miscellaneous items that may be of interest.

December 2021 - I am in the process of doing a massive declutter/purge of more than three decades worth of accumulated "stuff".

Items will likely include such things as electronic/mechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic/ misc., old computers and related parts, wire and cable, lights, motors, relays, hardware/fixtures, crafts, equipment fans, stretch fabric, equipment enclosures, shelving & other furniture, raw materials, audio equipment, parts of old museum exhibits/prototypes, occasional odd items like the old vacuum pump below, and more.


Current pile (available Dec. 9-12th, 2021):

December 2021
: We also have some older-design and/or prototype magnetic "Hotplate" experimentation station elements and casework that we would be happy to provide at very reduced costs. Note however that to be complete functional units, they would require additional TechnoFrolics-fabricated and configured control electronics and computer. In other words, these very reduced cost items would have value only within the context of an overall with-budget Hotplate exhibit.)