Desktop Science/Artworks

Graceful and inventive, playful and quirky, our desktop science/artworks capture the spirit of TechnoFrolics' larger works in miniature.


The spring tension in steel wire, and the repelling force of magnets, are two examples of science principles used in TechnoFrolics' mobiles.

Gently tap the Dancing Strands (hanging or upright) to start the magical life-like motions of the magnetic elements.

Or, observe the intriguing and unpredictable vibration modes of the spring steel and aluminum based Tipsy Triangle kinetic art piece.



Tassel Tornado Reflecting Artwork

Add festive miniature "storms" of twinkling light and color to parties and special events with the Tassel Tornado. Plugged into standard wall outlets, or run off batteries for up to 8 hour periods, the Tassle Tornado can be set to swirl at varying speeds, creating effects that range from spinning clouds of color to shining strands that swirl in slow graceful spirals.

Wiggle Cube Stress Reliever

Wiggle CubeTechnoFrolics answer to worry beads. The bounce-able, squeezable, unpredictable wiggle cube is an icebreaker for your coffee table or a stress-relieving toy for your office. Composed of masses and springs in a crystal-like lattice, the Wiggle Cube entertains and educates as it bounces, deforms, and vibrates.


Prices range from $100 to $1000 in single quantities. Please contact TechnoFrolics for further details.