Note: The below exists simply to:

- Increase the likelihood of being able to work with larger companies that often require patents to facilitate same. (Hasn't occurred to date, but you never know...)

- Discourage outright copying of initiatives that have taken years of effort to develop, in those instances where such copying significantly negatively impacts our operation.

- Minimize naming and visual branding confusion, such that anyone can immediately tell whether a creation is created by TechnoFrolics or not. (This it turns out has several practical implications, such as when an exhibit is broken and/or designed to functional standards less than ours, that no one attributes the problems to us.)

- Lend weight (in the case of patents) to idea that we in fact truly innovating, rather than simply writing marketing copy. (Though one can make the case that many patents are themselves no more than support for marketing copy...)

In other words, the below is an attempt, as a little art, education, promotion studio, to survive and (ideally) flourish. It should absolutely not be interpreted as an attempt to stifle innovation (indeed I encourage it, and will offer helpful tips where I can), nor to suggest a litigious bent (quite the contrary), etc.

In summary, "subject to shooting ourselves in the foot" as it were, we are open, friendly, collaborative, and "sane" (well, as sane as we can be operating in this field...), and present the below only because of feeling under survival pressure to do so.

David Durlach, founder/director


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  • Affectionate Technology™
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  • Dancing Trees™

(Please also see this letter concerning proper use of our "Spin Browser" trademark.)


The FrameGlide software + Spin Browser dial video explorer, "Look & Feel", is copyright 1999-Present in both hardware and software.


When we employ the phrase "video explorer" as in FrameGlide & Spin Browser video explorer, it is used simply as a descriptor of functionality. Adventurer Gary Bain owns the trademark "Video Explorers®".