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Letter of support from Woodie Flowers

Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am writing this letter in support of David Durlach's and TechnoFrolics' work in the area of three dimensional performance science/artworks. My career has given me broad experience with the interface between technology and art. I have been a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT for 24 years, during which I helped create the department's well-known course "Introduction to Design" which strongly encourages creative thought. From 1990-1993 I served as Host for the PBS Television series Scientific American Frontiers. I am an Overseer for Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Last year when David was invited to present a talk at the Media Lab, I had a chance to meet with him and see his dancing iron dust display. It was a pleasure to experience one of David's creations live and we talked about his philosophy and future research plans. I feel strongly that David's performance science/artworks are remarkably effective in breaking down the frequently (mis)perceived barriers between Mother Nature, Art, and Technology. As such, they are an obvious and natural vehicle for science education, and a manner by which to intrigue the public and students and encourage them to explore the workings of the natural world. In my view, TechnoFrolics' broad mission to make the public aware of "affectionate" and artistic uses of technology, through both physical creations and related lectures, functions as an important countering force to many peoples' tendency to view technology as (necessarily) "inhuman", "emotionally cold", and "anti-nature".

I strongly encourage granting organizations and other institutions, in both the sciences and the arts, to continue supporting David Durlach and TechnoFrolics, for I feel their work is unique, of high quality, and important for students and the public to experience.


Woodie Flowers

Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, New Products Program