Third Stop: TechnoFrolics Introduces Training Environments to the FrameGlide|Spin Browser Technology

Spin-gliding through video - a popular museum technology pioneers new frontiers.

SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 30, 2019 – SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 30, 2019 –  TechnoFrolics’ FrameGlide|Spin Browser museum exhibit makes a career move, applying for teaching positions in fields ranging from aviation maintenance to industrial manufacturing.

The same features that make the FrameGlide| Spin Browser™ (FG|SB) video explorer intuitive and fun in informal museum contexts, make it equally effective in formal training contexts, states inventor and TechnoFrolics founder David Durlach.

The system’s core functionality stems from his original vision:

“Instead of accepting the common understanding of video as pre-produced and passively viewed, I imagined its possibilities as a fluid medium, where one could speed interactively backwards and forwards through hours of content while retaining complete visual clarity; and, also, slow into perfectly smooth, precise exploration of motion, process and detail.”

Training-specific possibilities range from swift exploration of lengthy processes to in-depth exploration of minute details.

For example, imagine a continuous 24-hour fixed-point-of-view jet engine assembly, repair, or maintenance sequence. With this video on the FG|SB, learners can take a quick, self-directed visual “fly over” of the entire process in order to get oriented. Subsequently they can focus on exploring individual steps in whatever detail is helpful and needed.

Or imagine instead content composed of proper welding technique, performed by multiple experts across a range of applications, using different methods and different metals. Students could then interactively review proper technique, smoothly changing time scales of review to best highlight the particular process under study.

System customizations can provide multi-layered learning experiences. For example, focus on actual machinery under repair, or in action, could be coupled to pages of a digital manual automatically flipped to detailed schematics in synch with the real world image. Live capture systems could enable students to compare, side-by-side, just-captured footage of themselves doing a task, to the pre-produced filmed techniques of an expert performing that same task.

Typical “talking head” videos are not suited, on the whole, to the FG|SB system, but can be easily integrated into the larger context when useful - for example, for spoken introduction and summary purposes.

TechnoFrolics offers no-cost 1 to 2 week loans of their FG|SB video explorer demo units to qualifying organizations.

(This is one in a series as the FG|SB - with its roots in the museum world – travels far afield exploring new frontiers.)

TechnoFrolics specializes in combining technology, art, the natural sciences, and play. Clients range from science museums to multi-national corporations to private collectors. TechnoFrolics was founded in 1988 and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

David Durlach, Director and Founder, TechnoFrolics
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