TechnoFrolics Founder and Director David Durlach Named StudioDaily 50 at NAB 2017

SOMERVILLE, Mass., June 06, 2017 – David Durlach, Founder/Director, TechnoFrolics, is named a StudioDaily 50 Awards Honoree at second annual awards ceremony, sponsored by StudioDaily and held at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual convention.

As described by StudioDaily, the award celebrates "key creatives and technologists whose leadership and influence are breaking new ground in media and entertainment."

David's work is informed by his love of technology, combined with his fascination with artistic expression, human emotion, and relationships. Within this context, cross-disciplinary ideas that have broad application and consequence are a key focus.

Asked what advice he might offer producers, David explains, "Despite video's ubiquity, there are untapped breadths and depths to the medium that open up when content is viewed not just as a relatively short 'produced experience,' but also as a beautiful and educational 'data set,' where content provided for exploration can be orders of magnitude longer than the production norm."

Examples from TechnoFrolics work in this area include:

  1. The FrameGlide | Spin Browser(tm) video explorer (https://spinbrowser.com), whereby science museum, aquarium, and nature center visitors - and historically doctors as well - can explore from fleeting instants to upwards of 30 hour segments at their own pace, making unique discoveries along the way. Content may be pre-produced, or live-captured, streaming continuously in real-time into the FrameGlide environment and available for immediate, concurrent, interactive exploration.
  2. A new TechnoFrolics initiative, called ChoreoV - "Choreography via Video" - (ChoreoV.com), which bridges the divide between animation and the real world, enabling graphics/animation hobbyists and professionals to control the behavior of physical objects using familiar computer graphics animation tools. Objects respond in real-time, during the video/animation/editing process, as ChoreoV continuously converts on-screen object position and color into data streams that control the real world.
  3. TechnoFrolics beta Temporal Innovations initiative (www.temporalinnovations.com), wherein concepts of Big Data and real-time filtering are applied to video-land.

For a profile of David Durlach and the other StudioDaily 50 list of award winners, see: www.studiodaily.com/studio-50/

TechnoFrolics specializes in combining technology, art, the natural sciences, and play. TechnoFrolics' creations include dancing techno-artworks, kinetic signs, special event attractions, educational science exhibits, and interactive video presentation tools. TechnoFrolics' fans, clients, and supporters range from science museums to multi-national corporations to international and regional arts organizations and private collectors. TechnoFrolics was founded in 1988 and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

David Durlach, Director and Founder, TechnoFrolics
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