'Snorkel' Through Content with TechnoFrolics' Spin Browser Video Explorer: Interactive, 4K, 3D, Live and Produced

Educate and Entertain: Transforming Passive Viewers into Active Participants

SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 18, 2017 - TechnoFrolics is now offering no-cost 1-2 week visits from demo units of their FrameGlide | Spin Browser (FG|SB) video explorer to qualifying exhibit designers, architects, museums, OOH advertising firms, universities, government institutions, trainers/educators/doctors/coaches, and relevant others.

The system travels solo (no human in tow).  As David Durlach, TechnoFrolics founder and director explains: “The system is its own best spokesperson. We have found a live experience of the FG|SB is really the only way to appreciate the liquid-smooth feel of the technology, its capacity to engage and delight, and its educational value. The difference between simple video ‘watching’ and interactive FG|SB exploration is like the difference between visiting your local aquarium and snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef, or between being an airplane passenger and piloting the plane yourself.”

From one demo unit evaluator: “It's fun. It works. I love it. Very elegant.”   And from another: “[Your loaner] has been invaluable in helping our group brainstorm about potential applications to our projects.”

TechnoFrolics FrameGlide software, with the Spin Browser™ rotary dial interface, enables instantly-responsive interactive exploration of video content, offering perfect image clarity and “stutter”-free operation, from stop-frame to +/- 1,000,000 times normal rate, across linear, exponential, and customized temporal pathways.

The environment supports 4K and 3D, as well as custom behaviors such as graphical and audio overlays triggered by location and dwell time, fine tuning of the relationship between dial interface and speed of progression through content, custom non-dial interfaces, and an Attract mode that starts automatically after a configurable period of user inactivity. Optional content-tagged logging provides detailed statistics regarding exhibit use.
"Despite video's ubiquity, there are untapped breadths and depths to the medium that open up when content is viewed not just as a relatively short "produced experience", but also as a beautiful and educational data set, where content provided for exploration can be many orders of magnitude longer than the production norm.” David notes.

The technology is at the core of exhibits around the world – at science and children’s museums, nature centers, aquariums, sports arenas and the Olympics, and trade-show booths; it has also been deployed for medical training, both at professional conferences and performing live capture and review during patient procedures.

TechnoFrolics specializes in combining technology, art, the natural sciences, and play. TechnoFrolics' creations include dancing techno-artworks, kinetic signs, special event attractions, educational science exhibits, and interactive video presentation tools. TechnoFrolics' fans, clients, and supporters range from science museums to multi-national corporations to universities to international and regional arts organizations and private collectors. TechnoFrolics was founded in 1988 and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

David Durlach, Director and Founder, TechnoFrolics
Phone: 617-441-8870, Fax: 617-441-8872