Fourth stop: TechnoFrolics Introduces the Real Estate Industry to the FrameGlide|Spin Browser Technology

Spin-gliding through video - a popular museum technology pioneers new frontiers.

SOMERVILLE, Mass., August 6, 2019 – Only time can truly bring a place to life; light shifting across rooms through the hours of a day; a balcony view of a distant cityscape from dawn to dusk, a landscape changing across seasons. TechnoFrolics FrameGlide|Spin Browser video explorer invites realtors to add these evocative timescapes to client experiences. 

Typical property tours (real or virtual) are bounded in both space and time. Compellingly effective as it would be, it’s likely impractical for a realtor to invite a client to “stay a spell” and give the house a trial run, or dazzle them with a helicopter flyover of the landscape that surrounds them, or take a relaxed drive through the city, touring by local gems.

Here’s where the FrameGlide|Spin Browser (FG|SB) system comes in, offering all this and more, in the form of interactive video explorations.

The technology puts the flow of time and space into the hands of users, explains inventor David Durlach, allowing them to traverse content backwards and forwards at any speed, while retaining absolute visual clarity and fidelity of motion.

Live capture versions of the system enable continuous filming up to the present moment, such that users can explore from the present backwards in time days, weeks, or months.

While the FG|SB allows diverse customizations, it is the core experience that is most important.

 “People are almost universally entranced by timelapse sequences across hours or days, where they can use the FG|SB to, for example, make a garden bloom, or cause snowfall to transform a landscape. Similarly people love speeding through space, particularly if you put them in the driver’s seat as the FG|SB allows.”  says inventor David Durlach.

(Exhibits in museum settings include, for example, a 16 hour boat tour of Lake Champlain, including side trips to local points of interest; a seven hour continuous aerial flight along the Connecticut river from north of the Canadian border to Hartford.)

Durlach’s company TechnoFrolics offers no-cost 1 to 2 week visits from their FG|SB video explorer demo units to qualifying organizations.

(This is one in a series as the FG|SB - with its roots in the museum world – travels far afield exploring new frontiers.)

TechnoFrolics specializes in combining technology, art, the natural sciences, and play. Clients range from science museums to multi-national corporations to private collectors. TechnoFrolics was founded in 1988 and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

David Durlach, Director and Founder, TechnoFrolics
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