Second stop: TechnoFrolics Introduces Out-of-Home Advertisers to the FrameGlide|Spin Browser Technology

Spin-gliding through video - a popular museum technology pioneers new frontiers.

SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 23, 2019 – With the public drowning in an ever increasing surge of OOH and digital advertising, TechnoFrolics offers a potential island in the storm, where people are transformed from passersby into engaged explorers.

The technology at play – the Frame|Glide Spin Browser™ (FG|SB) video explorer - treats imagery as an ocean of content to be interactively surfed, explains inventor David Durlach, rather than a fixed sequence of frames with marching orders slaved to the conventional passage of time. It puts the flow of time into the hands of users, allowing them to traverse content backwards and forwards at any speed, while retaining absolute visual clarity and fidelity of motion. (This set of features, in combination with ruggedness and ease of use, led to its wide adoption in the museum world.)

The system works with conventional video, enabling businesses to potentially leverage existing content.

While the FG|SB allows diverse customizations, such as logging user dwell-time statics, and event-based popup graphics and audio, it is the core experience that is most important.

“The difference between watching a video and interactively exploring with the FG|SB is like the difference between watching sea creatures through aquarium glass versus scuba diving with them in the ocean.” states Durlach. “Even the most ordinary of phenomena and processes become extraordinary when explored through an interactive lens of time and space.”
Durlach’s company TechnoFrolics offers no-cost 1 to 2 week visits from their FG|SB video explorer demo units to qualifying organizations.
(This is one in a series as the FG|SB - with its roots in the museum world – travels far afield exploring new frontiers.)

TechnoFrolics specializes in combining technology, art, the natural sciences, and play. Clients range from science museums to multi-national corporations to private collectors. TechnoFrolics was founded in 1988 and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

David Durlach, Director and Founder, TechnoFrolics
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