Work Environment


While TechnoFrolics regularly delivers professional work to internationally renowned clients and loving fans, being largely in the museum/education world, it is rare we can pay people what they are worth, or could get elsewhere in the commercial world.

In consequence, the people who make up our organization are here because they get something beyond the financial. For some, it is the highly flexible schedules. For others it is the no-corporate-politics, what-you-do-really matters atmosphere. For yet others it is the opportunity to use their skills to do something more creative and fun (or just very different) than their normal job allows. In addition, students (and others) often find a TechnoFrolics resume entry very helpful. Two of our team members went on to become graduate students at the MIT Media Lab, and an HP engineer successfully used a year at TechnoFrolics to learn C++ as part of a career change.

Scheduling: Part vs. Full Time, Project-Based vs. Ongoing, and Location

We have both project based work and ongoing needs in the areas of administration, marketing, and technical development. Thus, we have long-term part-time contributors, and take on additional full time personnel during projects. (Note that while our long-term people are typically part time, for the right person - highly competent and interdisciplinary - there could be full time opportunities.)

In terms of location, while certain work needs to be done here and/or during business hours, there is much additional that, for properly organized and equipped persons, can be done remotely and at any hour.

An Important Note Regarding Our Work Environment

While our group is very friendly, supportive, and playful, our limited resources and large workload leave very little time for casual conversation and socializing during work hours. Thus, people need to be highly self-motivated and enjoy working by themselves for extended periods. That said, tackling our many important marketing/outreach related tasks is great way that extroverted "people-persons" can fit in here, contribute greatly, and enjoy themselves.

Relatedly, it should be noted that many of our physical creations are complex, and in consequence require significant development time. For people with an engineering background, this is no surprise. But individuals coming from the art world can sometimes expect to see a project go from conception to completion in just days to weeks, whereas our time scale is typically months to years. This is mentioned, like the above, simply to be sure that projects are properly matched to temperament. Many of our non-engineering tasks can be completed in shorter periods, so should contributors need relative quicker gratification, those types of tasks offer possibilities.

Who Might This Opportunity Suit?

Given the features described above, our situation might be ideal for:

Trial Period

For many reasons, considering both your needs/happiness and ours, we enter any working relationship with a trial period, typically 1-3 months, before any longer term commitment on either side is made or expected.