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We pose here a number of diverse questions and requests, the responses to which will hopefully help us get to know you better (and perhaps help you get to know yourself better in the process too!).

(Last updated October 30th, 2010. It is assumed you have already read our Opportunities page.)

You need not answer all the questions, however the more you do answer, the better able we will be to assess the fit between you and us.

If you feel the most informative answer to a particular question comes from an other-than-work context, please don't filter it out just for that reason.

If you have supplied a resume, portfolio, or cover letter that already answers a question posed here, please simply so note.


  1. Why do you want to work with TechnoFrolics? What would make working with us a good experience for you? From what you know so far, what elements of TechnoFrolics sound most appealing?
    Similarly, what would make working with us a bad experience for you, and what elements of TechnoFrolics give you greatest concern?
  2. What kinds of tasks do you take pride in completing with excellence vs simply considering necessary to get done? Relatedly, what kinds of activities do and do not engage your aesthetic sensibilities? (For example, there are those who find accounting to be no more than a tedious chore, whereas others experience it as an art form, with intrinsic beauty and real design challenges.)
  3. What are your greatest strengths? From what you know of us so far, what tasks do you think would make the most sense to hand off to you?
    Similarly, what are your greatest weaknesses, and what tasks do you think would make the least sense to hand off to you?
  4. What motivates you at a core level?
  5. Please provide 10-20 words/phrases that describe you. (E.g., "Emotionally perceptive", "Overly sensitive", "Analytical", "Impatient", "Good with my hands", "Shy", "Brusque", "Perfectionist", "Fast but sloppy", "Slow but methodical", "Visual Learner", etc.)
  6. When you hear the phrase "common sense", what comes to mind? Do you think common sense is in fact common? Relatedly, how similar do you think one person's "common sense" is to another's? Is it in your view an innate skill, or something that develops? And if you think it does/can develop, what circumstances do you think encourage its growth?
  7. Specific skills (to the extent they apply to areas in which you might contribute):
    1. Writing, Graphics, Video, Web: Please provide as diverse a set of samples (i.e., portfolio) as is readily available. We are interested in both analytical/technical/academic pieces, and informal chatty/funny/personal ones.
    2. Math, Science, Engineering, Computer Programming, Accounting/Bookkeeping: Please give examples of:
      1. A problem/task that would be trivial for you.
      2. A problem/task that you could do with some thought.
      3. A problem/task that you could eventually do assuming access to outside references.
      4. A problem/task that is unrealistic to expect you to do.
    3. Administrative, Marketing/PR/Sales, Exhibit Design/Fabrication: Please describe your specific skills and experiences, including how you feel they are applicable to TechnoFrolics' needs.
  8. Are you open to working part time only, full time only, or potentially either?
  9. In terms of assessing the fit between your needs/desires and ours, what question(s) should we have asked you that we did not?
  10. If you have questions for us that are not answered by our Opportunities page, please send them to David Durlach.


Thank you for your time and effort!

The TechnoFrolics Team