Dear Reader:

TechnoFrolics periodically looks for assistance in diverse areas ranging from office/admin, to video production, to marketing, to engineering. We've provided the the information in these sections to help you learn more about us and assess the fit between your needs and ours. (Note that the information covers a wide range of activities and tasks. What we need at any particular time will vary.)

Our ideal contributors are outstandingly competent generalists who can handle an extremely wide range of tasks, ranging from preparing an educational newsletter to programming an embedded micro-controller. While such people do exist (we work with them), we realize they are very rare, and are thus open to different individuals contributing select elements as suits their skills and interests.

Should what we offer intrigue you, please email our founder and director David Durlach a letter of interest and resume. We ask that you email rather than call, both because we lack the resources to field calls, and because all we would do in such a call is to point you to this web page and ask you to send the above-requested information should you be interested.

If your desires and skills appear a good match (for you and us), we will then (either before or after a brief phone chat) ask you to answer the questions here. (We do not request this initially, for we understand it is work, and don't want to impose on your time unless and until it makes mutual sense.)


The TechnoFrolics Team