TechnoFrolics, working primarily in the itself-resource-constrained art and education space, is limited more by finances than anything else. I am thus deeply grateful for, and indebted to, those individuals and organizations that have contributed - in some cases annually over decades - to help keep us creating, educating, innovating, and delighting.

(I am of course most grateful to all our more conventional clients as well. What I refer to above are outright gifts from supporters that function to supplement proceeds from deliverable-related income.)

Should you wish to discuss supporting our work, either generically or around a specific initiative, please contact me <david (at) technofrolics (dot) com>.

(Note that there are a number of exciting initiatives not publicly viewable, as they necessarily await support to bloom. These include in particular a STEAM related educational initiative that would be unique, beautiful, and great to get out into the world.)

David Durlach, founder/director