David Durlach - TechnoFrolics founder

Characteristics of Potential Note

  • Equally focused on science/technology & emotions/relationships, respecting both as “first class citizens”, worthy of attention, development, and most importantly, integration.
  • Skillful in "translating" between groups with different frameworks, assumptions, and idioms (e.g., engineering vs. marketing vs. hr).
  • Insightful/inventive – particularly within the context of head-heart synergies, abstraction layers (forest vs. trees), and meta analysis.
  • Careful, empathic listener, oriented towards collaboration vs. competition.
  • Works best in environments in which time is allowed for quality work.

David Durlach - Bio

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David Durlach, founder/director
TechnoFrolics, 11 Miller Street, Somerville, MA 02143 USA
Office 617-441-8870   email <david (at) technofrolics (dot) com>