David Durlach - the early years
David Durlach and the Dancing Iron Dust

In the late 1980s, TechnoFrolics' founder David Durlach was searching for a way to combine two passions: his love of technology and his fascination with artistic expression, human emotion, and relationships.

Existing work environments often seemed one-dimensional: either technically sophisticated and innovative, but lacking artistry and emotion; or artistically and emotionally sophisticated, but technically naive. He was passionately convinced that the synergies of technology and emotion, science and art, could result in any number of exciting and enriching applications, in educational, commercial, and artistic realms.

David Durlach - the early years
Rare photo of DD away from TF

He founded TechnoFrolics, a high-tech design studio, and put his passions into practice, developing computer-controlled dancing artworks, educational exhibits, and commercial attractions. As his business developed, he also became a popular lecturer on the importance of merging technical sophistication with emotional sensitivity.

Since TechnoFrolics' inception in 1988, its kinetic artworks, educational exhibits, and commercial attractions have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, and Mexico, in highly diverse contexts including art galleries, museums, trade shows, aquariums & zoos, press events, and conferences on socially responsible uses of high-technology.

TechnoFrolics' works have been presented on Good Morning America, National Public Radio, the 2010 Winter Olympics, have won numerous awards, and uniformly delighted audiences around the world.

David Durlach - TechnoFrolics founder
DD (minus Iron Dust)

David's lectures have been received with equal enthusiasm in contexts ranging from the MIT Media Lab, to the College Art Association National Conference, to the law firm of Fish & Richardson.

Over the years, TechnoFrolics has expanded its services to provide a wide range of consulting, lecturing, design, fabrication, and documentation services. Most recently, TechnoFrolics created a (beta) spin-off site, www.TemporalInnovations.com, to better address the professional (non-public) applications of its FrameGlide + Spin Browser video explorer.

The unique opportunities that TechnoFrolics offers to build "Affectionate Technology" regularly draw students from area universities for internships and special projects.